We are Sonia and Ben - a travelling, filmmaking couple. 


Growing up in Bristol, UK, we have noticed there is quite a lot of good things happening in the world today, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by the bad. This is why we started making films about people and organisations that help inspire others:

young and old, local and global, in the UK and beyond.


We want to bring stories that feel good to social media, and spread the word about opportunities available today that can help us shape tomorrow.

DoesItFeelGood.com is our way to do exactly that. 

Sonia Wargacka handles directing, producing and editing. Even though she was born in Poland, she calls many places home due to her rather international upbringing. Her interests include travelling, global politics, justice, miniatures and cats. 

Ben Davies specialises in technical aspects of our productions, such as cinematography, cameras, light and colour grading. Born and raised in the UK, he loves podcasts and is a massive foodie.


We met in film school in Bristol and years later this lovely city is still a place where we keep our suitcases. To find out where in the world we are at the moment, follow us on FB and Instagram! 

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